Deliver your message, big time – on paper or vinyl – maybe even fabric! How about larger-than life wall-mounted and outdoor graphics, on fabric or rigid boards? Mounted prints, flags, sandwich boards or tablecloths. We specialize in conceptualization and design of big prints of every flavor. Consult with your friends at Jive!

Large Format

  • NEW! Printed Fabric

    Explore the diverse world of printed fabric as an exciting alternative to typical large-size pieces usually made from vinyl. Flags, table dressings, trade show displays, gazebo canopies, and truly unique back-lit installed solutions are just a few of the hot new items we can produce.

  • Mounted Posters

    Make an impact with a solid substrate-mounted poster. Perfect for classrooms, boardrooms, and events. Pop it onto an easel or table and enjoy a well-presented communication tool!

  • Vinyl (Banners, Decals & More)

    Paper’s old trusty companion in brand imaging is the venerable, timeless, and ever-innovative array of vinyl applications available for a variety of needs. Banners for indoor or outdoor use. Decals for walls, floors and more. Vehicle wraps, for everything from cars to busses. Speak out on the street with sandwich boards, signs and lettering. Let our creativity and recent advances in UV and print tech add diverse options to your media mix!

  • Rental Options

    A major cost for those utilizing large print on a temporary basis is the expensive hardware often used to display it. When you just need to get your message noticed for a trade show or festival – or a short-term sales promotion – our hardware rental option could be a welcome relief! You’ll pay for the printed media, plus a short-term rental fee for the hardware. When your needs have concluded, return the hardware and just call us up next time. No more costly permanent investments in items used only here and there.