Even in this digital age of hash tags, likes and instant sharing, there are still many key advantages to postal mail. The right piece, delivered directly to a highly-targeted household, can make a huge difference in outreach. Direct mail maintains a better response rate than its electronic counterparts as well, despite those also being very valid means of promotion. In every sense, direct mail is a good move when done right and when paired with your other marketing actives. The key to success is an experienced and skilled partner – like us! Get an estimate for your project and let us get started on Direct Mail consultation today!

Printed mail for direct mail campaign

Get the most from your Direct Mail marketing with our expert capabilities: graphic design, printing, list acquisition and scrubbing, variable data (address printing on-press, custom content, data-driven imagery), CASS certification, NCOA change of address processing, PURL (Personal URL), QR codes, and trackable mailings with in-home reports!


Direct Mail is a targeted, personal, flexible, tangible, measurable means of reaching your audience. We keep is easy and do it without breaking your budget. Every job has a tool for the best results. We can help you determine if Direct Mail is the way to go for your objectives. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Direct Mail, take a look at them in more detail here.

Accent Advantage

Jive! is a business unit of Accent Media. Direct Mail is a specialty of Accent with which our expert printing is an ideal match. Experience the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have to look out for USPS design requirements, play the budget guessing game about postage, assemble a hodgepodge of vendors, or waste resources on gathering just the right recipient list.