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The Jive! team is active among the design and marketing industry regularly. We enrich our scope by supporting groups who bring our peers together to the mutual benefit of Nashville’s thriving creative scene. We also actively sponsor events which vibe with who we are or the clientele we seek.

Giving Back

We enjoy a strong connection with Nashville. We’re so grateful to be part of the creative scene here, and support of industry groups and charity initiatives show it. After all, the bedrock of a thriving “it city” like ours is the strength of it’s charity and arts – the foundation upon which business and commerce are anchored.

Nashville Name Dropper

We’ve partnered regularly with AAF Nashville, The Nashville Scene, The Tennesseean, The Tomato Arts Festival, Brew at the Zoo, Live on the Green, The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, TEDx, Nashville Cares, Susan G. Koman for the Cure, Hands on Nashville, Shakespeare in the Park, most of the major art schools and many more.

Seal the Deal

“I see your logo on everything!”

It’s true. We often trade our services for sponsorship opportunities. Learn how to make your ask for Jive! support here.

Jive! was a 2014 Supporting Sponsor for Southland

What We’re Looking For

While our budget will not allow us to say “yes” to every sponsorship opportunity, we do review each presentation. Our only request is that you make this process efficient by submitting information using the form below. We are prone to support charitable efforts or commercial enterprises which target a young professional or creative crowd.

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Experts on printing, logo design, graphics, brochures, stationary, and direct mail

Prepare Your Ask

  • Who and What

    Fill us in on your role with the project and what decisions you’re empowered to make. Tell us what you have in mind. Festival? Conference? World championship game of Cards Against Humanity?

  • Where and When

    Set the scene. Where will the project meet the world? Is it formal or casual, social or workshop? When? Keep in mind, we need about 90 days of advance notice to evaluate your ask and execute production. Last-minute applications may be declined.

  • Your Needs

    How can we help? Posters? Laminates and lanyards? Tickets or programs? Large format? You’ll need to turn in your full print needs early on so we can issue an estimate just like we would for a fully paid job.

  • Get the Stats

    How many eyes and ears will be in your audience? Tell us about them and their interests. Add a pinch of good ol’ demographics and garnish with some hard numbers.

  • Benefits

    What are you offering in exchange for Jive! support? If you have sponsor packages and tiers, have them at the ready. We’re also up for customized benefits a la carte. We’ve also been known to work for VIP tickets and other perks for our crew. What do you have in mind?

  • Paperwork

    The final requirement in making your ask is to put it all down and get it in front of our personnel for consideration. Be sure to fill out the form below completely and we will talk to you soon!

Support Snapshot


We tend to approve a majority of the proposals brought to us by our contemporaries, most charitable asks, and a very respectable portfolio of barter-based trade. The odds are good that we can and will participate, through in-kind or discounted printing, so drop us a line today!

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Please note: Requests are best made at least THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE to accommodate evaluation, discussion, and production needs.

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